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Balancing Act Study Resources

balancing-actResources for Discovering Your Gifts, Temperament and Calling:

Take the following online quizzes. What do the results tell you about yourself?

Your Personality and Temperament: (Introvert, Extrovert, Thinker, Feeler, etc.)

Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses:

Your Spiritual Gifts:

How You Generally Experience Love:

Read the following article:
Based on what you know about your personality and temperament, what spiritual disciplines are likely to be the most naturally spiritually refreshing for you? Which disciplines would stretch you most?

Ask a spiritually mature person who knows you and you trust:

  • What do you especially notice about my personality?
  • What do you see me being especially good at?

Email to set up a coaching appointment with one of our pastors. They would love to talk with you about your survey results and how these insights can lead to increasingly life-giving spiritual habits and greater life impact.