Columbia Grove Connection Center


Christmas Offering 2017

Our Christmas Offering Goal: $12,000

$4000 for Local Mission

$2000 To the Benevolence Fund. Helping individuals and families in need with rent, utilities and other essentials.

$2000 To the Community Clothing/High School Family Advocate Support. Helping local at-risk students and their families get the supplies they need to advance in schooling and employment.



$4000 for Church Ministry Advancement

$2000 For Worship Center Sound Improvements. Reduces echoes, and better musician monitors, resulting in greater clarity and intelligibility for singing and preaching.

$2000 For Chair Pockets for Response Cards and Pens. Allowing for better guest and new believer follow up.

$4000 for Global Mission

$2500 Sponsor and Supply El Puente School and Preschool in Nicaragua. Supporting a school for those who fall through the “cracks” in the Nicaraguan public school system.


$1500 Alaska Instruments & Building Materials.  Developing musical and leadership skills and helping with basic church facility repairs in Shaktoolik Alaska.



Because of your generosity in 2017:

  • 11 people were baptized and 75 people made first time or renewed commitments to Christ.
  • 300+ adults and youth were connected to a Midweek Connection Group.
  • More than $59000 was given to local, national and international missions.
  • More than 200 people were helped in some way from our Benevolence Fund and Food Bank.

(You will be directed to our secure online giving page.)


May God bless you for your generosity!

Give in someone’s honor, and send them a card. Here are some downloadable options:

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