Columbia Grove Connection Center


Christmas Program

simple-apple-valley-christmas-extravaganza_edited-1Join us on Sunday, December 11 at 9:00 am and 11:00 am during the worship service for an original Christmas play written by Andrew & Lauren Thompson.

Plot Synopsis: Apple Valley Community Church has been presenting the same popular Christmas program for more than 40 years, with same lead actors each time. Over time, the production has gotten increasingly elaborate and extreme, as have the lead players’ egos and demands. But because this is a now the premier event for the “who’s who” of the region, no one in the church dares to say anything. Besides, everyone is too busy running the event to question it.

But in the midst of the excess, four people serve in the background, quietly helping and cleaning up the mess. And when a very real human need presents itself, these wise people help the entire church see the true meaning of Christmas and the servant Savior it celebrates.