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Moving to Our Permanent Church Home

December 15, 2013 Announcement:

19 FrontColumbia Grove is committed to being a permanent ministry presence in the Wenatchee Valley. Having grown to the functional limits of our rental facility, we have been investigating and assessing permanent facility options for several years, but thus far have been unable to find a facility or building plan that fits our ministry needs and budget.

Thanks to a series of unexpected opportunities, we are pleased to unanimously recommend a facility to the congregation. 19 McElmurry Lane is available, and potentially affordable for us in price as well as financing.

This wheelchair accessible 28,000 sq/ft. facility on 11.5 acres has ample parking, a large worship center, 2 youth rooms, 11 classrooms, 2 nurseries and 5 offices along with several bathrooms, an unfinished kitchen, and plumbing for laundry capacity. 4ajs01p8bthf4np3h6nb9k1kz3i82The building was recently assessed for around 5 million dollars and is available to us for 2.1 million. It is in virtually new condition.

The increased ministry capacity it would give us is exciting. Quality children’s and youth ministry spaces. Classrooms for education and discipleship training. Large spaces for fellowship. Room to grow in worship. Increased community service options. With the new Eastmont bypass just behind the property, it is well located to minister to not only Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, but also the underserved community of Fancher Heights.

We are asking the congregation to prayerfully consider their financial support of this project. A clear financial yes to move forward would be for us to gather both $100,000 in immediate “move-in money,” 7nweqv9yaqtj4e2whk8fj5hcx7i82(enabling us to move into the building with adequate signage, chairs, tables, acoustic treatment, lighting, children’s ministry equipment etc.) and $300,000 or more in “over and above” giving pledges to be fulfilled over the next three years. The increased pledged giving would cover the increased facility costs while we grow into the new space. Based on previous pledging, we believe both goals are well within the capacity of our congregation.

This is a facility currently on the market so our decision making timeline is short. Our pledge collection day will be Sunday, February 9 – also our 10 year anniversary as a congregation. After the “over and above” pledges and “move-in money” one-time gifts are totalled and reported to the congregation, we will be asking our members to vote on whether or not to move forward with this facility.

wmras9z6s49f4ypwtwnh7ndk01i82You are invited to attend an open house on Sunday, January 19th from 2:00 – 3:00 PM. Come walk through the building. Pray. Dream. Consider its potential. And ask God how He is leading you to give and pledge towards our possible permanent home.

In His hands,
The Columbia Grove Leadership Team.

Dave Belton, Andrew Toth, Shawn Cox, Becci Piepel, Tony Jones, Evan Anderson, Bonnie Schwarck, Bob Floyd and Pastor Andrew Thompson.

February 10, 2014 Update:

Our 10 Year Anniversary celebration was wonderful! 336 people attended to celebrate 10 years of ministry. After a worship service filled with music and testimonies, and a sandwich potluck, we held a congregational meeting.

At the congregational meeting we were happy to report that toward our goal of purchasing 19 McElmurry Lane:

70 Families and Individuals have given and pledged:

$138,056.43 in “Move-In Money.”


$328,262.00 in “3 Year Over and Above Giving” pledges.

Our Facility Planning Team presented how the $138,056.43 raised in “Move-in Money” would be used to furnish and ready 19 McElmurry Lane for ministry use. Based on the budget developed by our Facility Assessment Team, $23,056.43 of this amount would be allocated as “contingency funds,” to be used for unforeseen move-in expenses. Once we’ve moved in, remaining funds would be put into cash reserves to further secure our ability to pay the mortgage and other ministry expenses on an ongoing basis – including the possibility of making additional mortgage principle payment.

$328,262.00 in “3 Year Over and Above Giving” pledges would be used to secure funding for the additional facility costs involved in maintaining a mortgage for 19 McElmurry Lane for the next three years. We are trusting in faith that after three years in the building we will have grown in size and generosity to be able to support the mortgage as part of our General Fund.

After hearing the summary of gifts and pledges, hearing the planning team reports and a time of Q&A, our members, through individual paper ballots, voted unanimously to formally extend the offer to purchase.

As of writing, we are waiting to hear back from AG Financial to confirm purchase terms.

Thank you for your continued prayers and continued giving towards this exciting opportunity.

February 21, 2014 Update:

Based on your pledges of $138,056.43 in Move-in Money and $328,262 in Three Year “Over and Above” Building Fund Giving and your unanimous positive vote on February 9, we have formally made an offer to purchase 19 McElmurry Lane as our church home.

We are currently working with AG Financial on financing details and though, as of writing have no hard numbers to present, we are still on track to complete the sale by the end of March. Hopefully sooner.

We are planning a congregational meeting on Sunday, March 2 at 10:30 AM to present a modified budget that includes the details of the added facility costs for 19 McElmurry Lane. Your approval of that budget will allow the purchase to be completed.

Please fulfil your “Move-in Money” promises by February 28 if you haven’t already, and please begin any pledged “Over and Above” Building Fund Giving commitments on March 1. Please mark your offering envelope, check or electronic gift in a way that would indicate your specific intentions for the gift, and if one gift is to be divided between funds, how much goes to each. (General Fund, Building Fund, Benevolence Fund etc.) We are so grateful for your generosity and want to make sure we handle it well.

Also, please don’t let your building related gifts replace your General Fund giving. It exciting to give towards a building to expand our mission. We want to make sure our core ministry isn’t hurt by the expansion. While there has been tremendous generosity in the past couple of months, we have also seen a pattern that would suggest that some may be reallocating their gifts to the building rather than increasing their generosity to the church. This pattern makes it harder to keep our existing commitments to local and global ministry. Thanks for not neglecting the core ministry supported by our General Budget.

Please see any member of the Leadership Team with any questions. We love to hear from you.

Excited to be in kingdom work together,

The Columbia Grove Leadership Team

Dave Belton, Andrew Toth, Shawn Cox, Becci Piepel, Tony Jones, Evan Anderson, Bonnie Schwarck, Bob Floyd and Pastor Andrew Thompson.

Your pledge helps makes this opportunity a reality.

Your private pledge information will be handled by Becci Piepel, our Capital Campaign Secretary. She would welcome any opportunity to answer questions or talk through any concerns your might have. You can contact Becci at or (509) 699-8808.

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