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Membership Section 1 – Why Membership?


Membership is the process of making a commitment to a particular local church. It is a way of saying “I believe that, for this season of my life, God has led me to be part of this church family so I can grow in my faith and serve with my gifts.”

Because our church has a congregational decision-making structure (meaning that the major decisions of the church are made by the people of the church, rather than by a Bishop, a Pastor, or an Elder Board) it is necessary to have some process where people have a chance to commit themselves to the decision-making life of the church. The people who have publicly stated that they love Jesus, desire to serve Him through Columbia Grove and sincerely want to help this local church make the best decisions it can – that’s who we call “members.”

While membership isn’t something that makes you “more spiritual” than a Christian who does not happen to be a member, it isn’t something to be entered into lightly either. Those who choose to be members are stating not only their affiliation with a local church but their desire to grow in discipleship with that faith community as they take on greater responsibility within the community. They are saying in effect, “This is my church, and I am asking this community to help me grow in my Christian walk, and I pledge to invest myself in others so together we can follow Jesus more faithfully.”

Because baptism is a normal part of following Jesus, we ask that all members be baptised. We accept any form of baptism from any Christian church. You don’t have to be baptised at our church… just baptised sometime.

We look forward to walking with you as you discern your fit and  follow His call.


Our Ministry Mission:

We help people become more like Jesus through worship, connection, and service.

We help people worship.

  • We are serious about creative, Bible-centered ministry to every generation.
  • We long to see generational and cultural gaps bridged through worship.
  • We want grandparents, parents, and grandchildren to enjoy each other’s faith, music, and art.
  • We teach the Bible with conviction, creativity, and compassion.
  • We develop worship artists.


  • Because we believe that people were created to worship, we place a high priority on worship.
  • Because we believe that people are lost apart from a relationship with God through Christ, we frequently invite people to establish or reestablish their relationship with God.
  • Because we believe that worship changes the worshipper, we are mindful of the content and focus of our worship.
  • Because we believe in building up the Body, we work hard to build bridges between the generations in worship.

We help people connect in ways that grow faith and friendships.

  • We are a place where people can ask honest questions and have honest conversations.
  • We are a place that is full of fun and fellowship as we grow in faith together.
  • We want every person to have a few Christian friends that they could call at 2:00 in the morning and not need to apologize for it.


  • Because we believe that we were created for community, we’ll go out of our way to find it and nurture it.
  • Because we believe that God is the author and foundation of all truth, we’re not afraid to ask honest, hard questions.

We help people serve.

  • We believe God wants lost people found and hurting people helped.
  • We help people discover their gifts and apply them to God’s glory and neighbor’s good.
  • We are a place where people’s talents are given a chance to flourish and grow.
  • We care about people more than programs.


  • Because we believe that people are at their best when they apply their God-given gifts and talents in service, we unapologetically invite people to serve.

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