Columbia Grove Connection Center


Weekend Service Promotions Scheduling Form

All Sunday congregational announcements and after worship event promotions are scheduled in advance through the CGCC church office. We do this in an effort to not overload the congregation with announcements and special requests on any given week and therefore to maximize the effectiveness of each promoted ministry and/or special event.

All promotion scheduling requests from CGCC ministries and/or their predesignated ministry partners will be scheduled by the church office upon receipt of this form. All promotion scheduling requests from other groups must be approved by the CGCC Leadership Team prior to scheduling. This additional approval process can take up to a month. Please take this into account when requesting promotional consideration.

It is our policy to only allow fundraising on behalf of organizations. Promotions solely for individuals will not be accepted.
This person may be contacted to confirm that you are a representative of that group or ministry.
Please give several dates or a range of dates. Depending on what is scheduled on the calendar, you may not get your first choice.
For Example: Bake sale; cards for donation; child sponsorship forms