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The Covenant Church

The Covenant Church - Columbia Grove Covenant ChurchThe Evangelical Covenant Church is a denomination of more than eight hundred churches in the United States and Canada. It was founded by Swedish immigrants in 1885 as a voluntary covenant of churches committed to working together to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Covenant churches emphasize the Bible’s witness to new life in Jesus Christ expressed in a day to day walk with the Lord.

The Covenant Church is characterized by “freedom in Christ.” This freedom is embodied by a joy we feel as we discover more of God’s grace — his acceptance of us as His sons and daughters — based upon the saving work of Jesus Christ through his death and resurrection, and not upon any particular merit or accomplishment of our own.

This freedom is also expressed as we grant each other room to disagree on “non-essentials” of the faith even as we agree on the “essentials” of the faith. It is our view that non-essentials include issues such as mode of baptism, a particular position (i.e. premillenialism, postmillenialism, etc.) regarding the second coming, and varieties of social issues of the day that are not clearly articulated by the Scriptures.

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Moving the Needle for the Kingdom of God // Mission and Ministry 2016 from Evangelical Covenant Church on Vimeo.

Our essential beliefs are:
1. Salvation is found only in Jesus Christ. We receive that salvation by placing faith in Jesus Christ, through whom we receive forgiveness of sin and access into the new life that is found in following Him.
2. We receive the very presence of God into our lives when we receive Jesus Christ. This presence is God’s Holy Spirit, who gives ministry gifts to all Christians and transforms us so that we exhibit the fruit of the Holy Spirit as indicated in Galatians 5:22-23.
3. The Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is God’s authoritative and inspired Word. Early Covenanters challenged each other in their Bible study meetings with the question, “Where is it written?” The Bible is at the core of our preaching, teaching, and practice as followers of Jesus.
4. The good news of Jesus Christ is equally available to all people, regardless of race, gender, or place in life. We believe that God has equally gifted and equally called both men and women to serve Him, and we are part of a denomination that welcomes women into ordained ministry. The Evangelical Covenant Church is culturally and racially diverse.
5. We are called to be a “missionary people,” meaning that we endeavor to share the saving news of Jesus Christ with all those who have not yet received him. We are committed to evangelism, to church planting, and to world mission. We believe that Jesus came “to seek and to save the lost,” and we see this as a primary task for the church as we endeavor to play a significant role in fulfilling our Lord’s vision.

The Covenant Church Logo

The Covenant Church - Columbia Grove Covenant ChurchThe basis of this design is the symbolic person – four of them – at north, south, east, and west. Note that the person’s arms are outstretched, indicating the outreach in evangelism of the church. The four are part of a whole, yet their hands do not touch, symbolizing the freedom and individuality of the Covenant.

The geometric arrangement of the four figures result in a cross-like pattern, representative of the center of our faith.

The center circle symbolizes the unity and bond of fellowship which we call “the Covenant Church.”