Columbia Grove Connection Center


Getting Started As a Christian

Getting Started As a ChristianWelcome to one big family–the family of God!  We hope that you have found a home within our community of believers in Jesus, and we are are so grateful to share part of your journey with you.  Now that you have taken a step by deciding to follow Jesus, here are some helpful resources for you:

I Think I’m a Christian… So Now What? Written by Mackenzie Mahon, this booklet might help answer some questions you have.

Wondering what life as a Christian looks like? Here are some Bible passages that help:

We also have printed versions of the same available at the Connect-Serve desk at church each weekend.  Don’t wait until then to get started, though. Your walk with Jesus can begin today.

Wondering where to even start when reading the Bible?  Watch this video blog:

Wondering what people mean when they talk about different sections of the Bible? Watch this video blog:


We’d love to give you a Bible of your own if you do not yet have one.

These are some other sites that can be helpful:

You can also contact our church office if you would like to set up an appointment to meet with someone about your faith.

We’re excited about your next steps! Please take the time to let someone know about them.