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We Asked… And You Shared Your Helpful Family Traditions

Here’s some of what you wrote.

Traditions From Families With Young Children:

As a family with two small children, we have made it a point to do certain things together:

  • We eat every meal we can together (whether at home or at a restaurant or at a park.)
  • We pray before every meal – we ask who wants to pray – usually the kids volunteer.
  • We do a family devotion every night. We change/alternate between several devotional books that are age appropriate.
  • We sing to our kids after devotions – Christian songs every night.
  • We look for teachable moments in day to day events. For example, after bad days with friends, we teach them to pray for their friends. We try and look for any way to incorporate God into their lives.
  • We teach about giving. For example, they wanted to get money out of their piggy banks for Joplin, MO.
  • We pray as a couple every night.
  • As husband and wife, we separately do our own devotions during the day and have quiet time.
  • We try and find opportunities to serve others as a family. For example, we served in a soup kitchen as a family.
  • We try and go to church every Sunday and ask the kids what they learned.

Praying at dinner has been a great thing for our family. Everyone shares what they are most thankful for, kids included.

I bless my girls before bed each night.

Praying with your spouse is important. Your children will see you and try to copy you.

Traditions As Couples:

We have the same devotional we read, but we read it at different times and then share with each other at a later part of the day and get each other’s perspective on what God is speaking to us. Most of the time, we hear the same word, other times, we learn from each other.

We read the Bible and break it down, discuss its meaning, and how to apply it. We pray together.

One practice I have is to give God the credit for all good things. I make it a point of verbally honoring Him in that with my friends and family.

As Families with Older or Adult Children:

Our family reads a chapter of the Old Testament and the New Testament most nights. Then we share our prayer requests. Then we pray for the person next to us in our circle. If someone doesn’t have an immediate prayer request then they pray for a concern in the wider world.

At formal family meetings

  • Share affirmations
  • Share challenges/ personal growth goals
  • Pray together for each family member
  • Keep of journal of meeting

In regular contact

  • Affirm
  • Share
  • Challenge
  • Pray (together and after)

Openly share your needs and your heart to learn and grow.

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