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Six Pastoral Prayers

We all make assumptions about the world around us that help us make sense of the events in our lives. This doctrinal series visits six Scriptural truths that shape how we view the world, and examines at how they apply in daily living.

January 1
Prayer #1 “That we would see that the greatest problem in the universe is our failure to honor God.” Romans 1:21

January 8
Prayer #2 “That we would realize that children of God are not under wrath – but under mercy.” Romans 9:23-24

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January 15
Prayer #3 “That we would find that the fullness of all things – including life and joy – is in Christ.” John 10:10 

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January 22
Prayer #4 “That we would recognize that God has purposely placed us here – at this time, and this place – for His glory” Acts 17:26 

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January 29
Prayer #5 “That we would experience a holy discontent with where our lives are – and know the hope of where our lives can be” Romans 8:20-21 

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February 5
Prayer #6 “That we would believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and earnestly desire the gifts He gives.” 1 Corinthians 12 

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