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Worship Arts

Discover how to use your talents through the Worship Arts Team!

IMGP2343The Worship Arts Team loves God, loves people, and has a passion for worship through excellence. Excellence doesn’t mean perfection. It means using what we have – our heart for service, gifts and work ethic – to honor God by creating the best worship environment we can.

You’ll experience the joy and significance of serving God and the congregation. You’ll enter into a genuine community of fellowship with staff and other volunteers who support each other, work hard together, and have a lot of fun.

There are opportunities to serve in the many different ways described below, and we always need more members! If you are interested in using your talents at Columbia Grove, it’s easy to get involved. Simply sign up today to start the process.

Do I have to be a member of Columbia Grove to join? No. We do expect that Columbia Grove will be your “home church,” and we do encourage you to follow a path towards membership.


The singers and instrumentalists leading worship attend Columbia Grove on a regular basis. They feel gifted and called by God to use their gifts to serve our church through their musical talents. They have a servant’s heart, and are ready and willing to use their gifts to honor God and to share His love with others. Members serve primarily at the weekend services, but may also serve at special events.

Will I be asked to serve every week? No. We create a schedule that reflects your availability. You only need to attend rehearsals on the weeks you are playing. Separate teams play at the Saturday night and Sunday morning services.

When are rehearsals and how long do they last? Rehearsals are on Thursdays at 6:30 pm for the Sunday morning service and last approximately two hours.

Drama and Dance

Our vision for creative worship ministry includes the use of quality drama and dance to inspire, encourage introspection and enhance the weekend’s message. We have opportunities for writers, actors, and dancers, whether experienced or aspiring, to help Columbia Grove develop drama and dance as a worship art.


Our vision for creative worship ministry includes the use of an attractive and exciting visual environment at weekend services. We have opportunities for people with talents in areas such as fine art, sculpting, graphic design, textiles, photography, and stage craft.

Columbia Grove also values written and oral communication that is clear, effective, appealing, and transformational. We have opportunities for people with writing, journalism, reference research, desktop publishing, and website design talents or interests to work on brochures, newsletters, newspaper advertisements, space signage, web and email design, and more. You can be as involved as much as you like, whether a simple project or assisting in the design of an entire message series.

Worship Arts Team - Columbia Grove Covenant ChurchProduction

The effective use of media and technology has great power to support and enhance worship and the message of Columbia Grove. We’re passionate about implementing these areas with creativity and excellence to create transformational moments in people’s lives.

Who can get involved with the Production Team? Anyone wanting Columbia Grove’s worship services to be the best they can be – and having a willingness to learn – is welcome. From active professionals to those with no prior experience, there are opportunities for service as sound engineers and operators, lighting and video technicians, camera operators, video editors, and set-up and staging crews.

What does the Production Team do? Members are responsible for set-up, staging, and operating the sound, lighting, and video used to create the look and feel of the worship services. The Production Team creates, edits, and produces the video elements used during the service, both original and existing film clips, to draw people into the services, support the message, or promote church wide events. The Production Team works closely with the Design Team.

Our vision of creative worship ministry includes the use of live video and the creation of podcasts and videocasts for Columbia Grove’s website, as well as simulcasting services to other worship locations.

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